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Strategic Marketing Plans to Help You and Your Business Grow.

My Services

1. Basic Strategic Marketing Plan

After an initial consultation to discover your aims and target segments, I will provide analysis of your industry and local competition, as well as a structured plan aimed at reaching customers through inbound marketing. The plan will include ideas for online and traditional routes (social media and outdoor), as well as actual digital content in the form of one Facebook post, one Instagram post and one tweet; coupled with basic coaching for social media management.

2. Strategic Marketing Plan with Metrics

Along with the structured marketing plan, I will manage and monitor your marketing activity for a month, mainly through the creation and evaluation of social media posts. I will provide analysis and reports regarding their impact on social reach and audience interaction, and advise on email engagement with your client base. These insights and suggestions for any necessary modifications to the plan will be provided as a final executive summary.


3. Strategic Marketing Plan with Metrics Plus

As an ongoing service, I will continue to manage your social media and analyse impact, as well as advising on email and outdoor marketing campaigns for your business. This will include creation of digital content, with monthly, quarterly and annual analytics and reports. This can also be expanded with ‘Campaigns and Events Extra’ as an additional add on (see Plan 4. below).


4. Campaigns and Events Extra

Additional campaigns such as Promotional Events, Seasonal Events and Calendars, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Competitions, Discounts and Specialised Outdoor Campaigns, can be arranged as variable and bespoke add-on plans.

Case Studies

The Belfast Book Festival 2019

I worked as a volunteer at The Belfast Book Festival 2019 and as a postgraduate marketing student on placement. During this time I carried out an audience research project and discovered a number of important actionable insights which are currently being considered for incorporation into marketing and organisational planning going forward.


FMDesign FBPost1

FM Design 2020

I set up and manage the Facebook Page for Belfast based FM Design and am currently building their client communications and relationship management system.


Watch this space


Watch this space


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