Poetry and Copy: A Marvellous Match

Today’s Google Doodle celebrate’s the life and work of poet Mascha Kaléko whose poetry of everyday life has been celebrated throughout the twenty-first century. In response to Nazi suppression of her collections in 1930s Berlin, the poet emigrated to the United States and set up home in Manhattan with her husband and baby son. 1.Continue reading “Poetry and Copy: A Marvellous Match”

Time Taming for Work-Life Balance

I just posted an article about how to deal with procrastination and writer’s block over on my creative writing blog. Perhaps the tips and techniques I unearthed during my research for that post would be of benefit to small business owners and freelancers? Does that same self-punishing paradox, of wanting to make the best useContinue reading “Time Taming for Work-Life Balance”

Movie Magic

As creativity and culture editor Britanny Kiefer of Campaign Magazine reveals this week, Cinemas are emerging from Covid lockdown as cautiously as most, yet are keen to re-enchant their audiences with a magical experience, while at the same time keeping them safe from infection and compliant with social distancing guidelines. The public, however, remain waryContinue reading “Movie Magic”